Whether you are attending a black and white party or you just simply enjoy the contrasting colors, we can all agree that a black and white dress is one of the most elegant and classiest dresses you can ever wear. But I find that utmost care must be taken into consideration when wearing a white and black dress to keep it from looking boring to fun and sexy. You need the right hair, makeup and accessories to complete the look and take this garment from casual to formal and polished in an instant and leave a memorable impression on people.

The Fit

When buying clothes, I believe that the fit is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Even if you wear a black and white striped dress, your bulges will still look palpable if you don’t have the right fit. Thus, it is important that before you head out to a store and pick out a pretty dress in black and white, know your body type first and learn how to highlight your assets and downplay your flaws. Keep in mind that no matter how much you spend, whether you bought the dress on a little sale, a vintage store, or from a designer rack, the fit will keep you looking like a million bucks. Additionally, don’t buy a dress that is a few sizes smaller than you really because you plan on losing weight anyway. If you happen to be unable to keep your diet, you can scramble for a new dress at the last minute.

The Design

Black and white colors are traditional colors used mostly in special occasions. But the colors can get boring sometimes especially if everyone is wearing the same colors. This is why looking for special details and other designs are a bright idea to spice things up. Look for black and white polka dot dress or those with different patterns. The pattern play on such dresses can make you look more interesting and unconventional. Or, instead of the usual cocktail dress, why not opt for a black and white striped maxi dress instead? Little details like patterns and length can definitely make your look more interesting and keep the attention on you.

Accessories And Shoes

I believe that no outfit is complete without the right accessories to match and a pair of shoes to complement. If you are wearing a special occasion dress such as a black and white wedding dress, it is very important to keep your accessories and shoes classy as well. Opt for classic slingbacks, small clutch, and pearl jewelries and look like Audrey Hepburn. But if you want to play and experiment with your dress on a normal day, you can always play up with your shoes and accessories. Spikes, studs, booties, leather jackets – these can make your dress look edgy, youthful, and trendy.

Classy Black And White Dress

lttle-black-dress-two-elizabeth-bogardDresses in black and white colors are a staple in every woman’s closet. They are not only easy to dress up and down, but they also assure you of elegance and class.