A strapless black dress is a favorite among most celebrities and designers. I believe this is one style of dress that every woman should have in their closet. This is by far the most classy and elegant style in dresses perfect for all formal occasions. From red carpet events, world premieres of movies, and many other special events – there is always at least one wearing black strapless dress. If you, too, are interested in wearing a sexy little strapless dress, here are a few tips on how you can wear it comfortably and make it more appealing.

Hit The Gym

The strapless number looks best on women with a toned upper body. Therefore, if you have been skipping exercising, working out, or going to the gym, it is best to skip wearing this dress as it may not look as sexy and flattering on you. But if you are plus size, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this number and still look great. Actually, even if you haven’t been hitting the gym, as long as you look proportional (your upper and lower body) it can look great on you. I think it is all a matter of being confident and styling the black strapless cocktail dress.

Consider The Fit

As with any clothing item, the fit is very important. The dress must be fitted perfectly to your body shape to highlight all your assets and prevent bulges from showing up. Make sure that the strapless dress will fit you perfectly especially on the chest area to prevent bulges from showing up and prevent the dress from sliding down if it is too big for you. Try it on before you leave the shop. Sit down inside the dressing room and see if the stitches hold perfectly.

Choose The Right Innerwear

With black strapless maxi dress, wearing the right innerwear is very important. If you don’t wear the right innerwear, you might feel uncomfortable and worse, showing them off accidentally can happen. Choose a long-line strapless bra to provide more support and properly shape and contour your body.

Cover Ups

If you don’t want to be too revealing, wearing cover ups is a great idea. But you have to be careful and find the right cover up for your outfit. For casual occasions, a scarfcan be a great cover up around your neck. Or, you can choose to wear jackets or bombers when it gets too cold. For black tie events, a shawl can be the perfect cover up for you to still keep the elegant look of your dress.


j-craft-little-black-dress-topWhen it comes to accessories and jewelry, you can play around with these no matter the occasion. But for cocktail events, skipping necklaces can make you look more elegant especially if your dress is already sparkly. Wear a bracelet instead matched with a clutch bag. Add elegant shoes such as bejeweled heels or slingbacks especially if your dress is floor length to prevent you from stepping on your dress.

Wearing a strapless black maxi dress is a great idea no matter the occasion. Whether you are just going for a stroll in the park or a white tie event, it is nevertheless the most elegant style of outfit.