Short for body conscious, the black bodycon dress has been a trend for many seasons already that women can’t seem to get enough of. I personally like the look of bodycon dresses because the right cut can make anyone look extra sexy and alluring. The bodycon black dress shows off all curves and highlights all assets. But I find that black and white bodycon dress is not that easy to wear. Additionally, overcoming all your insecurities is the first step to perfectly wear this dress which can be challenging to a lot of people. So, how do you really wear sexy dress? Here are a few tips on how you can wear this basic dress and flaunt your body.

Wear It With Confidence

As I mentioned above, the main hindrance to women wearing this sexy dress is the fact that they are quite insecure with their bodies. But in order for you to wear this trend properly, confidence is a must. You shouldn’t let your fear get the best of you because in reality, most black long sleeve bodycon dress is very figure-flattering. No matter how big or small your waist line is this fitted dress can look great on you. It helps suck in all bulges and smooth your shape. The lines and silhouette of the dress creates an illusion that is figure-flattering. If you still feel self conscious because they are too short, try wearing spanx underneath (Jessica Alba wears ‘em, too!).

Playing With Proportions

For women who are confident about the shape of their bodies, wearing tight clothes all over is not an issue for them. But if you have some confidence issues, try playing with proportions. Wear a black lace bodycon dress underneath a flow-y and bigger cardigan or sweater. Or, if you prefer wearing body con skirts, try pairing it with a loose top or shirt. I think playing with proportions is one technique on how you can develop your confidence with wearing bodycons.

Wear Dark Colors

If you are a plus size, this trick will do wonders for your body. Wearing dark colors can make anyone look slimmer than usual. Therefore, if you think wearing bodycons is not for your size range, try darker colors. This can create a different silhouette that helps hide all bulges and traces of fat. Look for black, burgundies, navy, deep purples, and brown are a few great color choices for plus size women.

Balance Your Outfit

lbd2Ultimately, wearing bodycons is all about balancing your outfit. Think of the occasion and dress your bodycon dress appropriately from there. If you are wearing the bodycon dress in the office or for a meeting, pair with classic pieces such as button downs, blazers, and formal shoes. Your accessories also play a huge role in keeping your outfit classy. Go for pearls and minimal jewelry for office wear. Remember that it is all about finding the right balance in your outfit to prevent the bodycon dress from looking tacky and keep it elegant.

Bodycon dresses are a great addition to your wardrobe that can both be used as a formal attire or casual attire. It is a matter of styling and wearing it with confidence.