The black halter dress is the alter ego of Marilyn Monroe’s famous white halter dress.  A halter dress has straps that go around the neck where it can be tied into a bow or a knot.  It emphasizes a woman’s delicate collarbone and lengthens the torso.  And because of how it is designed it draws attention to a woman’s bust line and face.  It flatters any body type, from athletic to slim to curvy.  It can make a woman feel beautiful.  It has become a wardrobe basic for women.


A Casual Affair

There is a wide array of halter dresses to choose from.  But for the summer a black halter maxi dress would be a dream to wear.  It is a daywear piece that is ideal for the beach and a walk on the promenade.  If I want to play with the waves this dress will not let me down and will allow me to move freely.  It will also look good with a bathing suit under.

If I cannot think of anything to wear for a pool party or barbeque I would wear a black halter top dress.  It is sexy and very casual. In my opinion it would be the right attire for a relaxed affair.


A Semi-Formal Affair

A black halter cocktail dress is what would will pick out for a semi-formal event like an outdoor wedding, a birthday party, or a dinner date.  I have a propensity to eating a lot during these occasions so this dress will still be able to hide a full tummy.


A Formal Affair

Designers have translated the casual halter style into formal cocktail gowns and full-length gowns.  They have embellished it to be sparkly for the glamorous, a lace halter dress for the flirty, and a backless halter for the adventurous.

Some brides prefer the halter style for a wedding gown because it draws attention to their face.

A Contemporary Style of the Little Black Dress

Who could forget the stunning red halter Balenciaga bow dress Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars in 2007?  How I wish it were available in black!.  But even if it were available in black, I’m sure it would cost an arm and a leg.  But thankfully BCBG and Bebe come to the rescue with halter dresses in black that are cheap and easy on the wallet.


How To Not Wear A Halter

archie-panjabi-little-black-dress-black-shiny-boots-2A halter top reveals the shoulders and back.  It can reveal a little cleavage as well.  So a mini halter dress won’t work unless we want to reveal too much of ourselves; and that is not sexy at all.

It is not advisable to wear a strong necklace with a thick strapped halter dress since it would look like overkill.  When accessorizing a halter dress it is noteworthy to be balanced by avoiding putting on all the accessory weight on the neck area.

A halter black dress is a necessity for women.  It is a versatile style of dress that can be worn for casual days or even to a formal evening party.  It commands attention to the face and away from the tummy, hips, and butt.  And because of its empire waist design it can make us look taller than we really are.