The black chiffon dress is perfect for every feminine fashionista.  The fabric flows like waves giving a soft touch to the strong black color.  It gives the impression of sophistication yet approachability.  This type of dress will go well for a stroll on the beach or on a shopping trip, for a formal occasion or a casual one, for the office or for a fun night out.  It will flatter every body type and size.  It goes well with every personal style.


The Glamorous

I love how a long black chiffon dress in one-shoulder style exudes glamour. It can be with or without embellishments, either way it will always add to a woman’s ^

During a formal evening event, a sparkly dress that is tastefully designed can enhance anyone’s allure.  I would imagine myself entering the scene as warm indoor lights reflect on the sequins on my dress as I move. It would be enchanting!

A dress of this kind will also look amazing on plus-size curvy women.  It would be like seeing someone from the glamorous days of old-Hollywood spring back to life.

For a formal evening on a chilly night, a long sleeved black chiffon maxi dress will be wonderful. It will be practical without taking away an ounce of glamour.


The Funky

The funky, a simple LBD will be a blank canvas for them to personalize it with their own style.  When I’m in this fashion mode, I would wear a chiffon black dress with brightly colored accessories.

In choosing the right funky accessories for an LBD, it is important to keep in mind one word: balance. For example, if I put on a statement piece like a necklace, I will not wear earrings. Or, if I put on a chunky neon bracelet, I will wear a tiny necklace or earrings.  Shoes and belt is also a good idea to add to the funk.  It is nice to load up with accessories but just be careful not to over-do it.  Or if you want to over-do it it should be done with style and pizzazz you would be comfortable in.


The Elegant

The less is more motto speaks well of what being elegant is.  Being elegant is being timeless.  What looks good today will look good tomorrow or even ten years from now.  It is a style that is flexible as it can go from formal to casual.  I like a black chiffon cocktail dress with a pair of pumps and blazer for office wear, a strappy stiletto with a sequined clutch for formal wear, or a pink ballerina flats with a denim jacket for casual wear.


The Goth

bar-refaeli-laures-world-sports-awards-black-dress-2012-15Black, black, and more black!  The romanticism of the Goths loves this color.  And for the feminine Goth, the lil black dress is synonymous with the essence of their style.  They can still be Goths and yet look extra classy and pretty.  They can add a black lace umbrella to their LBD and they will look like poetry.

The LBD is very versatile. Whatever our personal style is, we cannot go wrong with an LBD that is made of chiffon fabric.  It’s a matter of knowing what design suits you better and what accessories will compliment it.