My best friend came back from Paris, and she gave me a cute black mini dress as a birthday gift. That was six months ago, and even up to now, it is still my favorite go-to dress. It fits me like a dream, and it never fails to make me feel pretty whenever I slip it on. Due to its versatility, I have worn it virtually everywhere with great aplomb, but I want to share my top four looks with everyone:

The High Couture Look

My black mini dress might not be as pricey as a couture outfit, but it certainly looks the part. I can wear it with simple black flats with my long hair pulled back in a retro do, and people think that I am wearing an expensive vintage number. I can also wear it with spiky black heels, sexy little silver bracelets, and a pair of huge sunglasses; people then think that I snapped it up straight from the runways of Europe.


The Flirty Casual Look

This sparkly long sleeve black mini dress of mine can also be worn casually without losing any of its flair. I have worn it several times while shopping or doing errands, pairing it with a small denim jacket and comfy high top sneakers. Other times, I top it off with a fitted blue vest and a white multi-strand necklace. It is also perfect for fun and casual dates. People compliment me all the time because of the shabby chic thing that I had going on.


The High Powered Look

In the workplace, my classic black long sleeve mini dress is still a success. One time, even my female boss admired my get-up when I paired it with a somber gray blazer, a tooled leather belt, and a pair of low black pumps. When I wanted to catch the eye of a cute coworker without looking too gaudy, I simply wore it with a slim red belt and a dainty pair of sparkly black flats. Walking the line between sexy and work-appropriate is quite easy with this unique number.


The Girl’s Night Out Look

hm-black-karl-lagerfeld-hats~look-index-middleGoing on an all girls’ night out is my favorite thing to do. With my pretty black lace mini dress on, I know that I would be turning heads all night. Black looks good with any color, so I can wear it with practically anything in my closet! Just last week, I wore it with my bright redfitted jacket, my wide bcbg black belt, and a pair of fun strappy sandals. The week before that, I made a splash by wearing it with my classic little black velvet jacket and knee high black boots. In fact, when I am pressed for time, I just quickly slip it on, bend my head down and flip it back up for a wild, tousled look, and slap on some red lipstick. Ta-da, instant diva!

I am eternally grateful to my best friend for this classic gift. I know that I will keep on wearing it for a long time!