A few months ago, I decided to splurge and buy a cute long black dress for myself. I can’t believe how well it fit me. It perfectly framed my tall frame, and it hugged my body, giving me the illusion of curves. Since then, it had been present to numerous unforgettable events in my life.


Company Event

I decided to debut my classic long sleeve black dress at a work function. Matching it with an antique pair of tooled gold earrings and a long gold necklace heightened its vintage appeal.  My auburn hair is pulled back in a soft, sexy bun, and my make-up was elegant and understated. My female coworkers complimented me profusely, and the male ones gazed in admiration. During the award-giving ceremony, I accepted my plaque on the podium graciously. Through the approving eyes of the audience, I knew that this outfit worked wonders.  I felt quite polished, and I cannot wait to wear this pretty dress again.



I was wearing this number when my long time boyfriend proposed to me. That night was certainly one of the best nights of my life. After slipping it on, I felt like a long cool woman in a black dress. My diamond earrings sparkled, and my chic gold watch gleamed under the candlelit atmosphere of the classy bistro. It felt like a dream when he pulled out a red velvet box. I said yes, of course. All around me, the other diners were clapping for us, but I only had eyes for him. Looking at his adoring stare, I knew that he only had eyes for me.


Best Friend’s Wedding

A few weeks after my engagement, I attended my best friend’s wedding in Paris. What else should I wear aside from my beloved black long sleeve dress? I had to admit, the competition was fierce. All around me, guests were adorned in plain black, looking as chic as movie stars. I am proud to say that my outfit held its own amidst all the glitter. They seem to regard me as ‘one of them.’ When I congratulated my best friend, she gave me a small hug and told me that I look très bien. Her husband told me the same thing, and I felt quite pleased. Once again, my perfect little black dress was a success.



Wedding Reception

most-expensive-dress-in-the-world-debbie-wingham-56-million-dollars__oPtMy own wedding was held last month, and to commemorate our marriage proposal, I decided to wear my favorite little party dress for the reception. During the reception, my husband whispered in my ear. He told me earnestly that looking at me brings to mind the long cool woman in a black dress lyrics. With a perfunctory signal of his hand, the band started to perform an amazing cover of The Hollies song. I laughed with delight as he led me to the dance floor. Happily, he twirled me around, my lovely dress fanning gracefully around me.

This wonderful, simple dress has been with me through numerous happy and unforgettable events. Splurging on this sexy garment has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.