I hesitantly bought a black sequin dress recently. Admittedly, it was certainly show-stopping. The black sequin dress long sleeve fitted like a dream and emphasized my slender wrists. However, a few questions ran through my mind such as, “Would I be able to pull this off?” “Is it too showy?” “Would I be able to wear it often?” and “Would it be out of date soon?” I am happy to report that all of these questions were answered and quite positively, I might add.


“Would I be able to pull this off?”

This is the first sequin black dress that I own, and I was both excited and nervous. I was going to attend a friend’s gala, and I wanted to look and feel sexy for the classy affair. I slipped it on and smiled. The classic cut complemented my thin frame, and the tea length seems like an ode to Audrey Hepburn. However, I would need to do a few more things to pull this look off. First, I put my hair up in a classic 50’s do. Then, I slipped on a pair of understated gold earrings to complement the gold hues in the dress. Lastly, I slipped into a pair of sparkly black stilettos. Looking at the mirror, I felt that the answer to my question was a resounding yes!

“Is it too showy?”

As I have mentioned before, I was a bit hesitant when I decided to buy this black and gold sequin dress. By nature, I am a bit shy, and my fashion sense tends to gravitate towards basic, laidback and sensible garments. However, something about this dress compelled me to hand over my Visa card. When I slipped it on, it was showy, but not too showy. It had just the right touch of sparkle to illuminate a room, but its vintage length and long sleeves reined in its flashy quality, making it a perfectly fun cocktail number.


“Would I be able to wear it often?”

When I bought this long sleeve black sequin dress, I thought that I would only be able to wear it at formal affairs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can wear it almost anywhere. I wore it to church the other day, paired with a fashionable black hat and low cut pumps. The week before that, I wore it at work with my hair pulled back. I wore a somber gray blazer over it to make it more work- appropriate. I even wore it at my nephew’s casual children’s party, paired with a petite denim jacket, high cut sneakers and bright bracelets in primary colors. It turned out that I can wear it as often as I like which made it a great buy for me!


“Would it be out of date soon?”

Little-Black-Dress-New-Celebrity-Fashion-in-the-WorldImmediately after having bought this dress, I was dreading the day when it would go ‘out of style,’ so to speak. But time and again it has proven useful to me and my lifestyle, and I am thinking that that day would never come! With the power of mixing and matching, accessorizing, and innovating, this pretty dress still had lots of mileage. I have received tons of compliments from friends and family, not only about how the dress made me look but also about the creative ways that I managed to display it. I have a feeling that this classy dress and I would have a very long term affair.