A couple of months ago, I came across a perfectly cute black sheath dress while window shopping. A friendly saleslady came over and asked me to try it on. “Oh no, thank you, I was just browsing,” I told her. However, she swiftly handed over the dress in my size. Once I touched the soft fabric, I fell in love. The dress fits like a dream: tight but not too tight, sexy but not over the top. My biggest issue was that I might not be able to wear it often. The saleslady, displaying strong salesmanship skills, advised me that with the right mixing and matching skills coupled with perfect little accessories, I would be able to wear this dress almost anywhere. Thus, I snatched it up and have been wearing it to death ever since. Here are my four favorite looks:


Glitzy Diva

The first outing of my black lace sheath dress was at a club during a girl’s night out. At first, I was afraid that the lace and sleeves might look a bit frumpy when compared to my friends’ skimpy dresses. However, accessorizing properly made a huge impact. I wore it with my blond hair streaming around my shoulders. Huge emerald costume earrings set off my eyes and made the dress look more fun. Chunky silver bracelets perfectly offset the seriousness of the lace, and green stilettos completed my look. Overall, it was definitely a successful debut for my pretty outfit.

Sexy Workaholic

Next, I wore my black sheath dress with sleeves at work. This time, my blond hair is pulled back in a low bun. Small gold earrings made an appearance, and a classy gold watch adorned my wrist. I also opted to wear dark stockings instead of going bare-legged. Classic low pumps gave the dress a more mature and professional air. The look I was going for was understated yet sexy, and I believe I had hit the nail squarely on the head.


Tea For Two

When my mother invited me for tea, I decided to give my classy black sheath dress with jacket another spin. This time, my blond hair was pulled back in a French bun. Matching white pearl earrings and a single strand pearl necklace graced my profile. A pair of muted low heel sandals and a small red satin purse completed my polished look. I must admit, I turned heads when I crossed the fancy tearoom. Even my mother was extremely pleased at my classic get-up.


First Date Darling

Miley-Cyrus-Black-Dress-at-the-World-May-Hear-Awards-Gala-2011_largeLast week, I wore my black halo sheath dress to my first date with Robert. Like me, he is a junior partner at our firm. I wanted to make an impact, yet still come off as mysterious and elegant. My blond hair was loosely curled and fell down my shoulders in graceful waves. I wore small diamond studs and elegant silver bangles. To top off my chic number, I wore towering black stiletto pumps with red soles. It doesn’t take a genius to see the adoring look he gave me. He doted on me the whole night, and he promptly asked me out for another date. This was all thanks to my classic little black dress!