A black bridesmaid dress is an avant-garde choice since most brides tend to shy away from anything black for her wedding.  For the superstitious, that color is usually linked with mourning and bad luck but for those who love fashion it is associated with style and sophistication.


Why Black?

I dream of having a black and white wedding. Not like what the Kardashians had but a simple and elegant one.  And the perfect color for this will be black.

Black is a very classic and classy color.  It is subdued yet commanding.   It is sexy yet modest.  This color will look good on different body shapes.  It is the color that is easy to wear for the bridesmaid who will be busy for the rest of your special day.  The little black dress can do no wrong.  Plus, it matches with the groomsmen’s tuxedos.



Before going through the material and dress design, the bride and bridesmaids will have to communicate with each other what their budget for the dresses will be.  With the myriad of options available on the market, how big our budget will be will cut those options in half because some dresses will be more affordable than others.   It is not hard to find cheap but pretty dresses, most especially online.


Material And Design Of The Dress

Before deciding on the dress design, brides-to-be have to first take into account where the wedding and the reception will take place.  If it’s going to be on a beach, the dress design has to be fit for the beach: light fabrics and flowing designs.  A cocktail chiffon black strapless bridesmaid dress will be perfect for this.

For an indoor wedding and reception a black satin bridesmaid dress will be fitting.

I love fashion.  And for those who love it as well the bridesmaids can wear a black lace bridesmaid dress.

But if I would prefer a bit of variety a black and white bridesmaid dress would be fantastic.

The material of the dress is not the only thing to consider but also the design of the dress.  For a semi-formal wedding a tea length or knee length dress would be sensible.  For a formal wedding a floor length gown would be apt.

The silhouette of the dress is another thing to consider.  While I was browsing through the internet I was surprised to see the many differing silhouettes that are readily available that will go well with the bride’s own gown.


What To Stay Away From When Choosing A Dress

bar-refaeli-laures-world-sports-awards-black-dress-2012-27Having been a three time bridesmaid, out of three bridesmaid dresses I’ve worn I have kept only one.  And that one I have worn many times to other formal occasions.  What to stay away from when choosing a dress would be the flashy and the trendy kind of dress as these have a bigger probability of being ugly tomorrow if not today.

Black is an easy color to work with.  Communicate with your bridesmaids the vision you have for your wedding.  Listen to each other and compromise so that each one in your entourage will look and feel good on your wedding day.