The perfect black dress can come in many styles, one of these many glamorous styles that I so love is the black lace dress. It’s the classic little black dress with a twist.  It has a vintage look and is very chic and sexy.  Designers have created their own version of the black lace dress which is clearly expensive.  But for folks like me who are budget conscious, there are cheap but pretty alternatives such as those by BCBG and Bebe.  I’m a girly girl and love a lace dress that would make me feel especially feminine and chic.


A Lace Dress Can Be Worn:

For the Prom

The prom is one of the best parts during our teenage life.  For girls, looking good for this night is an essential.  And finding the perfect dress would be key.  A one-shoulder, floor length lace dress would be memorable for this event.  If you would want to dance the night away you might prefer a tea-length or knee-length dress.


For A Night Out

A fun night out after a hard day’s work is a must for me.  It helps keep me sane.  I have the option of choosing between a bell sleeve mini dress or a sparkly black cocktail lace dress.

For those with a dash of daring, a bodycon dress is recommended.


For A Business Meeting

For a business meeting wearing a lace dress can be appropriate, just make sure it’s conservative and professional looking.  A black lace dress long sleeve will work fine for me.


For A Date

A dress made of lace is very seductive and sweet.  I would wear a sparkly knee-length dress with peterpan collar and a bow.


Playing With Accessories

When wearing a lace dress it is very important to note that it should be worn with a slip if it does not have lining as it is a sheer fabric.  The color of the slip can match or mismatch the color of your dress.  It should be your style that will dictate your choice.

It would be fabulous to put on red lipstick or red shoes with a simple monochromatic dress.

Aqua will be another good color choice.  The brightness of the color will make a good contrast against the dark setting set by the dress.  A belt or a huge necklace will be nice with a black lace dress with sleeves.

It would be fun to layer up the accessories on a lace dress.  You can wear it with a black jacket, black clutch, and black shoes, and then a pair of tiny coral earrings.  The earrings will add a surprise of delicate color.

Pearls will be another good accessory.  A floor-length Victorian lace dress plus a good long strand of pearls will be so 60’s, so vintage.

Accessorize your dress but remember to not go over board and keep your color palette to only around three colors because the dress is in itself a commanding piece.


Can Anyone Wear A Lace Dress?

debbie_wingham_worlds_most_expensive_dress_on_catwalk_in_ukraine2Yes, anyone can wear it.  It will look good on a size 0 and on a plus-size.  It’s a matter of choosing the right silhouette for your size.  Choose well by highlight what your assets are.  A dress of lace is a wardrobe staple that is as classic as the little black dress.