There is nothing I find more elegant and classy than a nice pair of black dress shoes. I just think these shoes can make anything look more elegant, glamorous, classy and sophisticated. If you want to make your outfit look… Continue reading

Short for body conscious, the black bodycon dress has been a trend for many seasons already that women can’t seem to get enough of. I personally like the look of bodycon dresses because the right cut can make anyone look… Continue reading

A strapless black dress is a favorite among most celebrities and designers. I believe this is one style of dress that every woman should have in their closet. This is by far the most classy and elegant style in dresses… Continue reading

When people hear the word black leather dress, they often think that it can never be chic. I have always admired leather because of its structure and toughness. Sadly though, making it chic can be quite a challenge.

Emergence Of… Continue reading

Whether you are attending a black and white party or you just simply enjoy the contrasting colors, we can all agree that a black and white dress is one of the most elegant and classiest dresses you can ever wear.… Continue reading

The black chiffon dress is perfect for every feminine fashionista.  The fabric flows like waves giving a soft touch to the strong black color.  It gives the impression of sophistication yet approachability.  This type of dress will… Continue reading

The search for the perfect black and white striped maxi dress can be overwhelming.  It is easy to pick out a dress that seems pretty on a clothing rack or mannequin but when it’s time to try it on… Continue reading

A black bridesmaid dress is an avant-garde choice since most brides tend to shy away from anything black for her wedding.  For the superstitious, that color is usually linked with mourning and bad luck but for those who love… Continue reading

The perfect black dress can come in many styles, one of these many glamorous styles that I so love is the black lace dress. It’s the classic little black dress with a twist.  It has a vintage look… Continue reading

The black halter dress is the alter ego of Marilyn Monroe’s famous white halter dress.  A halter dress has straps that go around the neck where it can be tied into a bow or a knot.  It emphasizes… Continue reading