The search for the perfect black and white striped maxi dress can be overwhelming.  It is easy to pick out a dress that seems pretty on a clothing rack or mannequin but when it’s time to try it on it is just plain wrong.  This has happened to me a couple of times and I ended up wasting precious time and energy.  I have learned the importance of knowing a few particulars before I go shopping.


Stripes Make Me Look, What…?

We have heard it from our mothers and grandmothers that wearing stripes will make us look wider and shorter, but, recent studies show it just isn’t so.  Well, it doesn’t matter whose reality we believe in about this dilemma but what is important is for us to know how to choose the right kind of striped dress for our body type and the right length of maxi for our height.


Know Your Body Type

A petite woman can wear a black and white vertical stripe dress with stripes that are smaller and closer together while a plus-size woman can wear it in bigger and chunkier designs. A tall woman can wear a floor length striped black and white dress while a woman of small height can wear an ankle length one.  This will create the illusion of balance where the print does not over-power the wearer and the wearer does not over-power the print.


Styles Of Maxi Dress

There are lots of different styles in the market to choose from. BCBG and Bebe for example have different styles and lengths of white and black striped dress.

A lot of vintage shops have a wide selection of pretty and wearable maxi dresses ranging from the sixties onwards.  If you want to be unique, it is a cool thing to hunt for such dresses in those places.

For the daring, there is the black and white striped bodycon dress. It is super sexy and comfortable to wear.  Then there is the strapless or halter for the summer and long sleeve maxi for the colder seasons. There is a style for those who love a low cut dress or, for the conservative, a boat neck striped maxi dress.

Personally, I love a halter, empire cut striped maxi. I find that wearing a halter neck can complement the décolleté and the empire cut gives the illusion of length since I’m on the short side of the height department.


Styling A Long Striped Dress

elle-celebrities-in-black-dresse-lgnThis kind of dress can go from season to season.  I love wearing flip flops and a straw bag with it for a leisurely walk during hot days and layer it with a scarf for colder days. I also tend to wear it with chandelier earrings or a thin belt to add personality to the look.

The variety and stores that carry long stripe dresses are limitless, and so are the styling choices we can make.  So, it is vital that we know how to weed out those that are not right for us that will enable us to save time and money while keeping confusion and discouragement at bay.